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AI transforms plain language into code


The OpenAI Codex is a simple web tool with three windows: one to type in commands, one that shows the code generated by those commands, and one that shows what the code does. The magic of watching a simple phrase turn into actionable code seems very real.

Codex is still a long way from being useful for projects beyond demonstrations, but it’s a fascinating glimpse at a potential future in which telling computers what to do doesn’t require fluency in any language other than the one you learned to speak growing up, a la Star Trek. Concurrently, there’s a growing interest among Silicon Valley investors in “low-code” or “no-code” tools that aim to make programming faster and simpler, and even accessible to those who aren’t fluent in any coding languages.

Editorial note: AI powered tools like this one, paired with technology like PANN, will enable a new creative revolution.