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Technical questions

The essence of the technology is described in simple popular science language here.

The technology is fully described in professional terms in our patents.

  1. The technology has been repeatedly tested by developers in different conditions and contexts.
  2. Progress, Inc. has developed a platform where any specialist can test the technology personally.

You can use our platform to train the network for your particular tasks.

  1. Send us a message using the form on our contacts page
  2. If you want to use the PANN technology in your business and you need technological advice and/or assistance in adapting PANN to your tasks, you can sign a consultation agreement with us.

Investor questions

In the broadest sense our products are new and completely unique information technologies, including qualitatively new software and hardware. Our prospects:
  1. In the short term (next 5-7 years):
    1. Creation of new and/or significantly improved versions of software tools and packages, in particular programming languages, programming methods and software applications.
    2. Starting to capture an increasing part of the market for existing software products, creation of a market for new products.
  2. In the medium term (5-15 years):
    1. Creation of a specialized p-hardware based on PANN technology and replacement of classic hardware (existing types of microchips, video cards, etc.).
    2. Creation of a world-class company that will become one of the leaders in the IT systems market.
  3. In the long term – creation of a full-fledged Artificial General Intelligence, in particular:
    1. Creation of specialized AI systems for various industries – education, medicine, security, transport management, support for research and development of various technologies, science, etc.
    2. Creation of ‘Alter Egos’ – individual intelligent lifelong support systems, such as: ‘personal teacher’, ‘personal advisor’ and ‘personal agent’ on neural networks, etc.
    3. The next generation of the Internet – Omega-Internet or ‘Omega-In’ – an intelligent system of support for society, providing stability and optimal characteristics of existence for most people. ‘Omega-In’ is the Internet, supported by a high-level Artificial Intelligence, within which all ‘Alter Egos’ interact with each other.

Yes, all patents are issued to Progress, Inc., registered in Michigan, US.

In the USA, there is no concept of ‘authorized capital’. The closest question is how many resources have been contributed (money, intellectual property, capital in any form…) when incorporating the company.

And the answer is:

Progress, Inc. was established in 2013.

During this time It was granted 13 patents, including 3 in the United States; Invested over $1,100,000 in patents, technology experimentation and testing, as well as legal protection against fraudulent takeover attempts.

Omega Server, Inc. was established in 2020.

A license from Progress, Inc. has been granted for the production and sale of a server built using PANN technology. Plus $70,000 worth of investment.

Note: The total market value of the PANN technology is estimated to be between $2 billion and $12 billion.

Progress, Inc.: $1,107,000 raised as of the end of January 2021.

Omega Server, Inc.: $245,000 raised as of the end of January 2021.

All confirming documents are available upon request.

Yes, there is a development plan.

We can provide a business plan and a financial plan for any interested company, in English with additional explanations, upon request.

We have just started working in this direction. There are already verbal agreements with Health Instinct, Whirlpool, as well as with Centrepolis Accelerator Lawrence Technological University.

Areas where neural supercomputer monetization is possible:

  • Archiving, encryption, transmission and storage of big data;
  • Production automation;
  • Medicine;
  • Logistics;
  • Any content creation, including filmmaking;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • Education and Pedagogy;
  • Finance, including banking;
  • Security, anti-terrorist systems;
  • Biometrics;
  • Robotics;
  • Building;
  • Agriculture;
  • And many more…

Creation of a platform to demonstrate the properties and benefits of the PANN technology running on personal computers by May 1, 2021

Development of PANN technology with the ability to use graphics processing units (GPUs). Completion of the work is planned for 2022. The completed work will deliver the company’s main product – a neuroserver. However, already in 2021 we will have the first versions of the neuroserver for sale.

The second stage of development (May 1st, 2021 – May 1st, 2022) requires funding of $3,000,000. These funds are needed to prepare, train and establish the work of several groups of programmers and neural network architects, testers, marketers, etc.

(The third stage of development involves obtaining a widespread neuroserver, marketing campaign, development and sale of specific applications for different market segments, creation of a product support system. An investment of $20,000,000 is assumed.)

Currently, the operational expenses are about $50,000, every month this amount is increasing (as more developers and marketing specialists are hired).

Please see answer to the Development plan question above.

The main risk is that of loss of development pace due to insufficient funding
(There were risks of unfair takeover, attempts to circumvent patents – these and other risks were foreseen and worked out in advance).

Large investors are provided with preferential shares. Going public or selling the company is planned by the end of 2024.

Up to 10% of the attracted amount in shares at the current price, or payment of a corresponding amount if the intermediary is a certified broker.

The cost of a license is determined depending on a number of factors, for example: scope of application; geography of application; national languages ​​in which the product will be applied using PANN; the degree of exclusivity… All these parameters are specified during negotiations.

They will. For now, we are a little-known startup, but the potential of our technology will inevitably bring PANN into the orbits of the largest IT companies.

The company envisions various business strategies, including SaaS. The first step in this direction is our new platform made available to general users.


NB: we consider companies that use or plan to use neural networks as potential partners.

You will benefit from using PANN if you’re already using artificial neural networks or intend to use them in your business, and you need to significantly reduce the network training time and/or improve energy efficiency. Or in case you have (or will have) huge training data sets.

  1. Obtaining a license to use PANN technology.
  2. Joint project development.
  3. Creation of a joint company.

Send us a message using the form on our contacts page.