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PROGRESS offers Patent Licenses to its proprietary technology

Progress provides the simple access to its IP portfolio – so you can incorporate our revolutionary technology into your product and conquer the market. We invite AI developers to use our success-based royalty model.

Licensing Process

Our licensing process has been standardized to maintain a fair and equitable opportunity for both interested parties. It includes 2 steps:

  1. Term Sheet. The parties agree on the major terms of the future patent license, such as, license type, product, area of application/territory and financial terms.
  2. Patent License Agreement. On the basis of the Term Sheet the Patent License Agreement is created and signed by both interested parties.

Royalty rates

Our royalty rates applicable to particular categories of patent licenses are as follows:

Exclusive licenseFrom 1% to10% of the net selling price
Non-exclusive licenseFrom 0.5% to 4% of the net selling price

Progress provides its licensees with informational support and consultations on P-network technology and software engineers training (if needed).